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Why is your copy trading free?

Because we finance copy trading with a 30% profit share. This means that 70% of all profits stay with you and 30% go to our team fully automatically every Saturday.

What return can I expect?

Our traders' strategies and trades have achieved remarkable results over the past few years. Returns of 5-20% have been common, sometimes even significantly more, depending on the current market situation. However, you should be aware that past trading results are no guarantee of future profits.

Are all trades closed in profit?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to achieve a 100% success rate when trading, as trading is all about probabilities and proper risk management. Our team has a hit rate of around 66%, which is really impressive in this market segment.

How can I keep track of what is happening with my invested money?

You can follow all trades live at any time on your smartphone or via your web browser. Simply download the MetaTrader4 App for Android or the Roboforex MobileTrader App for iOS and Android free of charge. In addition, you will receive daily reports by email about the trading performance.

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